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San Antonio Bingo

Looking for the best San Antonio Bingo? Looking for something new and exciting to do in San Antonio? Look no further. At Blanco Bingo we pay out over $10,000 a day and you can play for as little as $2. We also have $2 beer. Playing bingo at Blanco Bingo is a great way to relieve stress, meet and make new friends, and even win some money. At Blanco Bingo we pride ourselves on customer service. We have a friendly staff and a wonderful atmosphere for you to enjoy while you relax and play bingo. We have super comfy chairs and flat screen TV’s! New to bingo? No problem, we’ll give you a free lesson. Come join us today @ 3719 Blanco Rd. Like us on Facebook to get updates about all our great San Antonio Bingo specials.

Support Local Charities

Since 1982, when the first licenses to conduct bingo were issued in Texas charitable bingo distributions exceed $1 billion. The proceeds at Blanco Bingo support great local charities. Go local! And join us for the most charitable game in Texas!

Health Benefits of Bingo?

Studies have shown that playing bingo has clearly defined mental health benefits. One study compared the hand eye coordination and accurate response times of regular bingo players and non-players. The results clearly showed that bingo players had faster hand eye reflexes and more accurate responses because of the mental dexterity maintained by playing bingo. In the same study researchers compared the groups by age. Researchers created ‘young’ and ‘old’ categories and test results between the two groups were almost identical. The older subjects that played bingo had the same response times as the young participants. Researchers said that bingo requires quick mental responses and keeps the brain sharp well into ole age.



Bingo News

Memorial Day special, Saturday and Sunday, Blanco will have $5 computers, must buy both sessions.

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Don’t forget on Friday’s all paper packs are only $1.00! Hope to see you guys here.

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2 day sale: May 24t and 25th $5 computers, must buy both sessions. Hope to see everyone there.

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Once again $5 computers for Sunday May 21st, must buy both sessions. Just a way to say thanks for a great week!

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Blanco Bingo will have $5 computers today, May 20th, must buy both sessions. Go Spurs Go!

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